Q:Alternative to RNAse protection

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> Hi!
> We have determined three different transcription start sites for a
> gene
> and now want to quantify the relative abundance of transcripts
> from each
> of the starting points. Since we wanted to avoid, if possible,
> establishing quantitative RT-PCR or RNAse protection is anybody
> aware of
> a "simple" technique to answer this question?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Alexander Schramm
> Universitätsklinikum Essen
> Innere Klinik/Tumorforschung
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> Before you buy.

You could try primer extension. The "Big Red Book" has a reasonable
protocol, and it's pretty "simple."

Also, you could try S1 nuclease protection, but I don't know if you
would have the same objection to it as to whatever you're objection is
to RPA, since they are similar.


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