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Fri Oct 29 01:02:27 EST 1999

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> On 26 Oct 1999 19:00:05 GMT, jtho at neuron.neurosurgeryery.washington.edu wrote:
> >Is there an equivalent of DNA Strider for the PC (windows or linux)?  I would
> >rather have something free or shareware.
> I'd be interested in something like this aswell!!
> Sometimes the thoughtpower required to do some simple
> stuff with GCG is a little daunting at 9:00am on a
> Monday!! (or midnight on Saturday, take your pick!)

What ever happened to GeneRunner?  Did Hastings Software disappear
completely?  That would be a pity as that was the best program in
its class for quite some time (certainly in the "not obscenely priced"
   At the moment, for the restriction analysis side of things, I
use tacg (Linux or DOS).  The price certainly can't be beaten
(thanks, Harry).


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