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Wed Sep 1 09:25:34 EST 1999

> The best
> plant dna isolation is still the method in Biotechniques  Vol. 20 #6,
> IMHO.  Rainforest plant DNA  extraction (sorry dont have the issue
> handy to look for the exact title).
Hi Chris,
I looked up the reference you mentioned:
Scott KD and Playford J. DNA extraction technique for PCR in rain forest
species. 1996. Bio/Techniques 20(6):974-976.
Any advice on the CTAB buffer preparation?
0.5 M CTAB
1.0 M Tris.HCl (pH 8.0)
0.5 M EDTA
5.0 M NaCl
gives too high salt concentration to disolve normally.

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