L1 Antibody

Sean Patterson seanpat at FMED2.UNCU.EDU.AR
Thu Sep 2 07:52:15 EST 1999

>Does anyone know of a good source to find an antibody to the immunoglobulin
>cell adhesion molecule L1?  I need one that will recognize L1 protein in
>(not chick or rat). Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Mike.

	I've been using the Transduction Labs (no affiliation) monoclonal
L30220 for about a year now with very good results in Western blot. They
mark it as active on mouse as well (I'm using rat tissue), and usable for
immunofluorescence and histochemistry. The only downside I've encountered
relates to unreliable transfer problems, but a dash of SDS in the transfer
buffer may have taken care of that.

Good luck!


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