Weights of Restriction Enzymes?

Andrea Hansen andrea.hansen at tu-bs.de
Fri Sep 3 11:10:30 EST 1999

chrisb at hgu.mrc.ac.uk (Chris Boyd) writes:
Hi Chris,

> : look at this site:
> : http://www.bioinformatik.de/cgi-bin/browse/Catalog/Databases/Vectors_and_Restriction_Enzymes/
> : You will find links for databases for restriction enzymes.
> : The database REBASE has a lot of information about all restriction enzymes,
> : especially the molecular weight.
> I looked at REBASE and couldn't find MWs -- what's the exact URL?

you have to choose an enzyme for example EcoRI.
you must click on the right enzyme, here EcoRI.
you click on sequence data, you will find the molecular weight, here 
Molecular Weight: 30926 for EcoRI.
 Unfortunately, its not possible to check the molecular weights for all enzymes,
you must choose one special enzyme.

Everything ok?

good luck,
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