blocking a dna adapter / linker against 5->3 fill in ?

Chris Boyd chrisb at
Mon Sep 6 11:12:57 EST 1999

Ralf Sigmund (ralf.sigmund at wrote:

: Thanks to all of You for Your Replies.
: Wheras Gibco told me that they would non offer dd-nucleotides in the
: 3'-terminal position,
: MWG Biotech does offer them.
: The MWG Biotech customer support person did even tell me about the
: possibilty to use an amine group.
: Amine is cheaper than didesoxy, because it is needed more frequently.
: I finally ordered today from MWG, because I hope they will be able to achive
: a higher product purity in comparison to the use of terminal transferase.

: It is a mess that Newsgroups do not support formatted text or graphics...

Ralf, newsgroups DO automatically support formatted text by the magic
of non-proportional fonts. They don't support graphics because they are
intentionally text-only media, and pictures tend to waste bandwidth. 
For graphics, see the WWW. It is the software you are using that is at
fault here.  It was created by a company that appears to treat
computing standards and precedents with a cavalier disregard bordering
on sneering contempt.  From your header:

X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.3155.0
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.3155.0

You could try a proper newsreader such as tin, rn or gnus: or modify
your options on OE (if possible) to use a non-proportional font such as
Courier.  (This of course should have been the default.) Then please
remember next time to post your reply AFTER the preceding quoted text.
To do otherwise is against well-established rules of logic, not to say
netiquette. Needless to say, OE plonks you in the wrong place to start
your reply, another apparent example of the cavalier disregard
bordering on sneering contempt I referred to earlier.

: This makes it quite hard to explain things...

Unfortunately, since your use of OE makes it difficult to interpret
your post accurately, I can't give any further advice.

(huge snip)

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