using UV absorbance scans to 'measure' homogeneity of proteins

David david at
Wed Sep 8 09:07:40 EST 1999

Thank you to everyone for your replies. It is much appreciated.

I'm sorry for not making it clear, but the kind of homogeneity I was
thinking about was with respect to proteins rather than nucleic acids, and
I guess in particular, whether a protein that appears pure on, e.g. a gel
or gel filtration columnm, has higher-order oligomers or aggregates
present. As suggested, good ways to study this include gel filtration and
analytical ultracentrifugation, which we have done for our system, but I
had recently heard the advice that one should always as a first step, look
at the UV280 scan to see if there are aggreagates, which was what prompted
my original question.

Thanks again for the replies.


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