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> Dear All
>      Hi!
>      Could anyone tell me what is the relationship between cM (centimorgan) 
> and kbp (kilo base pairs)? 

Sure. CentiMorgans (or Morgans for that matter) are derived from
recombination percentages, thus reflecting the distance between two
markers on a DNA molecule, a chromosome for example. The distance in
kbps (or bps for that matter) is simply determined by the number of
basepairs (A, C, G or T, the buildingblocks of DNA) between two markers
on a DNA molecule. One cM equals approximately 1 Mbps (not megabits per
second in our case, but mega basepairs), but I believe one has to take
into account that the more cM the distance between two
markers/genes/whatever is, the less accurate the estimate will be for
the distance in Mbps.


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