protocol colony PCR?

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Fri Sep 10 07:14:45 EST 1999

In article <7r7u75$m51$1 at>, "Rene Haanstra"
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>Dear Netters,
>Does anyone have a protocol for colony PCR that works for most
>bacteria? I experience a lot of problems when i try to do a 16S PCR
>on colonies of bacteria. Two out of five colonies don't produce a product....
>Rene Haanstra

Would that be five colonies from the same strain? 
In that case: what's the difference between the colonies? Age? Size?...?
In my hands colony PCR "always" works, - if the colonies are fresh.  - Old
plates: just forget it!

If it's two of five different strains that do work, then the differences in
physiology also can contribute to the problem. Try testing different initial
denaturing temps; 95 C - 97 C for 5-8 min are what I have played with. Then
use the program you have developed. Good luck.


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