Seeking Prep Electrophoresis Unit

Earl Blewett blewett at
Fri Sep 10 10:44:05 EST 1999

Dear Bionet Readers,

I'm trying to buy a preparative PAGE unit. Biorad sells themand I've
talked to a rep but $3100 is a bit much. Hoeffer (Amersham orwhoever has
bought them) no
longer makes a unit.

Does anyone have an old unit they'd like to sell?

Does anyone know another manufacturer that sells these units.

Essentially it is a large tube gel with ports that feed a stream of
buffer across the bottom of the gel that is taken up into a tube and
dripped into a fraction collector.

It is wonderful for separating proteins based on molecular weight. My
mentor has one but we are at different campuses.

Please email blewett at

or phone: 918-561-8405


Earl Blewett Ph.D.
Oklahoma State University

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