Agro competent stock cells

Fri Sep 10 23:27:16 EST 1999

Hi again,

I prepared competent cells as,
added DMSO 7% and stored them at -80 C. They seem to work fine, but LBA4404
are definitely more competent : 50 to 100 colonies/2 to 4 colonies for
LBA4404 versus C58 when transformed with 0,5 microg pBI. Even though, that
was sufficient for my purpose :-)


>moez torki wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm planning to transform Agro (C58 & LBA4404) with a binary vector. I
>> found a simple heat-schok protocol on
>> (thanks to Lee Byeong-ha, :-).
>> The protocol recommend freezing the cells with liquid nitrogen, even they
>> are resuspended only in an aqueous sln (CaCl2 20 mM). I'm not realy
>> familiar with Agro strains, but when making E. Coli or pahges stocks to be
>> stored at -80 C, I always add Glycerol 15-20 % or DMSO 0,7 %.
>> Any hint ? Thanks.
>> Moez Torki
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>You are not freezing the cells to store them, you are freezing to make them
>competent. I do not recall that this procedure allows storage of the competent
>Agro and I generally use them right away. But if you would like something a
>lot more efficient and just as quick, electroporation is the way to transform
>Agro. You can simple scrape some off a plate (about 200 ul) and wash 5 times
>in cold sterile 10% glycerol and electroporate as you would for E. coli. You
>can also store the cells at -80 oC. Later,
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