Electrocompetent DH10B

Chris Boyd chrisb at hgu.mrc.ac.uk
Mon Sep 13 05:06:57 EST 1999

Chris Small (chris at GENOMEX.COM) wrote:
: I'm hoping someone can tell me why my home-made electrocompetent 
: DH10B cells produce both dark blue colonies and very light (almost 
: white) colonies when transformed with a BAC vector (pBELOBAC 11) 
: while the commercial cells yield uniformly blue transformants with 
: the same vector.  I want to make my own cells but they don't look 
: right.

One possibility is that your cells (or cuvettes) are contaminated with
DNA of a (high copy number) plasmid vector, a far commoner problem than
it ought to be.  To test this, try electroporating without adding DNA. 
If you get any dark blues, you need to re-make the competent cells.

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