Can Taq use RNA as a template?

A.F. Simpson AFS7 at
Mon Sep 13 15:05:13 EST 1999

Greg Appleyard wrote:

> The source of RNA is virus. The virus does not have a integrated
> pro-viral DNA form and is normally double stranded.
> I agree that contamination is a likely possibility for our results but
> it is not the only one.
> The amplified bands we see are of the expected size.

Are you purifiying the viral RNA in a lab where people work with cloned
copies of the gene?  I've worked on PCRing viral genes for genotyping
and it's heartbreakingly easy to get contamination if you have to work
in a lab with cloned DNA floating around, even doing everything in a
hood etc.

Do you ever get contamination in the RNA- cDNA- control or only in the
RNA+ cDNA- control?


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