perkin elmer vs light cycler

Weining, Song WeininS at
Mon Sep 13 07:22:49 EST 1999

I realised now I may have confused some people without distinguishing
capillary PCR machine and light cycler, although they are quite similar in
many ways. I don't think you can use normal plastic PCR tubes in light
cyclers. I still belive that Joan's (Marie Shields) profile is not suitable
for plastic tubes. The reason you got it working is that you were using
glass capillary tubes. Can you clarify it, Joan?
>Well, it's a matter of 5 hours versus an hour and a half - actually, more
>like 10 hours since I typically do a nested PCR versus 3 hours. 
>Besides, I didn't buy the machine, I'm just trying to make it work :).
>>It also seems to me that you are cutting down the time for annealing and
>>denaturing to a bare minimum. I don't fancy your chance but I could be
>Well, so far I've gotten some results - turns out, though that the 
>inconsistancy may be more due to a bad reagent than the machine.
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