test for bacterial inclusion bodies?

Alejandro Martin alejandro.martin at CIGB.EDU.CU
Mon Sep 13 12:01:51 EST 1999

Hi there,

On 13 Sep 99, at 9:40, soenke behrends wrote:

> when you express a protein in E. coli 
> and you get the impression that you 
> have inclusion bodies. Is there a 
> quick method for diagnosis? How do 
> you test whether the protein just sticks
> to the membrane or whether you have 
> inclusion bodies?

Disrupt your cells and spin at low speed (say, 3000 - 5000 rpm) for 
10 min. Most of your protein will be in the pellet, if it's inclusion 
bodies. The membrane vesicles generated by sonication/French 
press are usually much harder to pull down.


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