The reason behind BSA with PCR machines

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Tue Sep 14 17:46:30 EST 1999

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> BSA is required for some PCR machines. The reason, I believe, is
that DNA
> will attach to the surface of the  glass tube. That's basically why
> tubes are the choice in molecular biology. You even have to coat the
> inner-surface of glass tubes in some cases. I thought it was just
> knowledge.

i agree with you . The absorbtion of dna on plastic is far less then
on glass. In an experiment where we wanted to titrate the amount of
template ( in a conventional pcr machine with plastic tubes ) we saw
that the results were not reproducible at the lower range ( 10e6
molecules of template) . We thought absorbtion might be a problem so ,
remembering southern blots , we just added 1/100 volume of Denhardt's
solution (recipe see maniatis ) This worked nice in our hands.


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