yeast three hybrid

John Sinclair js69 at
Thu Sep 16 09:14:33 EST 1999

We have been trying to use an Invitrogen RNA-protein hybrid hunter system
(yeast three hybrid assay) using premade yeast selection media from
The Invitrogen yeast strain for the interaction assay L40uraMS2 should only
grow in media lacking Histidine (- His) if RNA protein interactions between
"bait" and "prey" allow activation of the promoter driving the His reporter.
Apparently, the Invitrogen system details a minimal yeast selection medium
called YC but we have been using a minimal yeast selection medium from
Clonetech called SD. In our hands the L40uraMS2 yeast strain which should
not grow on YC - His medium does grow on SD - His. Is anyone in the UK using
the Invitrogen yeast three hybrid system and would be willing to let us
contact them about growth selection etc ?
Many thanks.
John Sinclair

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