Gross generalizations (Re: The reason behind BSA with PCR machines)

Leman leman at
Thu Sep 16 13:45:34 EST 1999

On 13 Sep 1999 22:19:40 -0700, WeininS at ("Weining,
Song") wrote:

>I have now some serious questions re people from Roche:
>1.Do they really understand DNA and its interaction with different surfaces?
>2.Do they read the manual for the products they are selling? Can you trust
>these people when you are contemplating purchasing PCR machines and
>technical service?
>3.Do they have any manners in discussion groups?
>Or they are just simply dumb?
>The answer could be Yes or No
>And honestly
>I don't know

Unfortunately, this "questioneer" is closer in spirit to a
nationalistic "soc.culture. ..." group than to a scientific
discussion. It seems pretty silly to me to judge the whole company by
a single person who happened to work there.
First of all, Roche did not invent the LightCycler, Boehringer
Mannheim did. Roche just inherited it during their merger. As a result
of this merger, BM was renamed into Roche Molecular Biochemicals and
Roche Diagnostics. There are several more companies of the Roche
family around the world, that have nothing to do with LightCycler at
Well, let's finish it with something constructive. Here is the phone
number of BM tech support (Indianapolis, IN, USA):


Fax.: 1-317-576-3084

Manager: William F. Demyan, PhD (william"dot"demyan"at"roche"dot"com)

I am sure you'll change your opinion about the makers of LightCycler
after dealing with these people. I spent a few days in a workshop with
them and would like to assure you: they do know what they are talking



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