Gross generalizations (Re: The reason behind BSA with PCR mac hines)

Weining, Song WeininS at
Thu Sep 16 18:27:54 EST 1999

>First of all, Roche did not invent the LightCycler, Boehringer
>Mannheim did. Roche just inherited it during their merger. As a result
>of this merger, BM was renamed into Roche Molecular Biochemicals and
>Roche Diagnostics.
Wrong again!
It's Idaho who invented it. As I said before: "Can the people from Roche at
least do some home work with your own(?) products and their history before
you open your big mouth here."
It's dumb to attack other participants in this newsgroup out of stupidity
and ignorance. It's dumber to repeat it.
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