Gross generalizations (Re: The reason behind BSA with PCR mac hines)

Leman leman at
Fri Sep 17 13:38:38 EST 1999

On 16 Sep 1999 16:27:54 -0700, WeininS at ("Weining,
Song") wrote:

>>First of all, Roche did not invent the LightCycler, Boehringer
>>Mannheim did. Roche just inherited it during their merger. As a result
>>of this merger, BM was renamed into Roche Molecular Biochemicals and
>>Roche Diagnostics.
>Wrong again!
>It's Idaho who invented it. As I said before: "Can the people from Roche at
>least do some home work with your own(?) products and their history before
>you open your big mouth here."

First, you are right about Idaho. And yes, *MS* DoubleSpace was
invented by Stacker, *MS* Office spellchecker -- by INSO, and *MS*
ScanDisk -- by Symantec. I am not a patent lawyer, what can I say...
My only point was that a person from Roche can be from Hoffman LaRoche
(for example) and not from Roche Diagnostics. A person from Pharmacia
may be from "Pharmacia proper" and not from Upjohn -- he/she would
know about Rogaine as much as your average Joe.

>It's dumb to attack other participants in this newsgroup out of stupidity
>and ignorance. It's dumber to repeat it.

I absolutely agree: it's dumb to attack a company just because its one
employee demonstrated his ignorance.


P.S. FYI, I am not an employee of Roche, though I wouldn't mind to be.

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