protein passes through membrane!?

Andreas Vogel vogela at
Mon Sep 20 02:19:35 EST 1999

Hi all,

I have severe problems with western blotting! I use the standard
protocol which is used in our lab for YEARS, and suddenly I have
problems (and I need this blot, for sure, very, very soon!!!).
The problem is: the proteins doesnt bind to the membrane but passes
through it, as I can see for the prestained standard, which I can found
in the bottom layer of whatman paper! I tried to use two layers of
membranes and shorter blotting times, but is it everytime the same!
The protocol is: semidry blotting in 10 mM CAPS pH 11.0, 10 % Methanol,
Nitrocellulose membrane 0,2 µm, 30 min with 90 mA for a minigel.

Who has an idea what could be the reason for this?

Any comments are welcome,


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