nice tricks in the lab. DO YOU HAVE ANY YOURSELF??

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> When running DNA on an agarose gel and you have a LOT of samples, do this :
>  make thin gels and them : load one - run it for 5 min, put a new gel on 
>  load is and run it for 5 min and so on. 
>  I routinely run 96 PCR samples in ONE gel tank in 1 hour (20 cm x 15 cm, 
>  well coam).
>  Jacob Hofman-Bang, M. Sc.

You can stack 4 MADGE gels in one tank and do 384 wells...See  and click on MADGE application note.  The 
MADGE is a 96 well gel maker in the same size as the 96 well PCR microplate 
so you can load with multi pipets or VP Scientifics 96 well no tip gel loader.

Walt Schick
BioSep Co

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