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> Hello, 
> I need to have a term clarified.  I am proposing an expt in which a
> construct, which i am calling a "minigene," is transfected into tissue
> culture cells.  I am more familiar with the term minigene being used
> with respect to transgenic mice.  My construct contains part of the 5'
> flanking region of gene X, all of the exons of gene X, and an epitope
> tag for detection.  (We suspect that the gene is conditionally regulated
> by both 5'flanking sequences as well as intraexonic sequences).  Would
> my calling this construct a minigene be an inaccurate statement?  I need
> to call it something, to distinguish it from reporter constructs and
> endogenous gene X expression.  And I'm interested in hearing what folks
> think about the correct use of the term minigene.  ...And I'm writing a
> grant and don't want to be thought a fool :)

I believe you are using the term correctly. From my experience, if you
connect a cDNA to a promoter and then make transgenic animals
expressing the cDNA, you can safely call that a cDNA minigene, or just
a minigene. If there are introns included, the term minigene may not be

You may want to define the term somewhere in your grant, just to be

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