mRNA extraction kit

Christian Götting christian.goetting at
Tue Sep 21 12:21:06 EST 1999

The Qiagen Kits work very well on cultured mammalian cells.
I prefer extracting total RNA using the Qiagen RNeasy Kit first. Then I extract
poly-A mRNA using the Qiagen Oligotex mRNA Isolation Kit (Higher yield than
direct mRNA isolation).

But when you perfom cDNA synthesis with Oligo(dT)-Primers there is no need to
perform the mRNA isolation as the total RNA is good enough for full-length cDNA.

I recommend not to lyse the cells directly in the cell culture flasks (as noticed
by the Qiagen protocol) but to trypsinize the cells, wash them with PBS and
finaly lyse them.

Good luck !

Christian Goetting

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