Chelex 100

Nicolas von Ahsen nvahsen at
Tue Sep 21 14:04:48 EST 1999

Sorry, I posted one message to much up...
Here it is again:

Hi there,

the following citation may help:
Walsh, S., Metzger, D. & Higuchi, R. (1991) Chelex¬ 100 as a Medium
for Simple Extraction of DNA for PCR-Based Typing from Forensic
BioTechniques, 10(4), 506-513. 

I find Chelex very helpful, it is available from BioRAD
( Combine with this method:

L. Rudbeck and J. Dissing. Rapid, simple alkaline extraction of human
genomic DNA from whole blood, buccal epithelial cells, semen and
forensic stains for PCR. Biotechniques 25:588-590, 592, 1998.

You'll then probably have one of the fastest and cheapest methods for
DNA extraction from whole blood. Much cheaper and more convenient than
any Qiagen-Kit.

Best regards 

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