Steve bbh91 at HKG.NET
Tue Sep 21 19:49:46 EST 1999

A new MLM opportunity has arisen, and you guys probably know how
it is to be in at the beginning of MLM ventures.

This MLM has some wonderful features. In particular, it is a 2x3
matrix, which differentiates it from the standard, inefficient
version of MLM where only the people at the very top make any money.
With a 2x3 forced matrix, spillover happens ALL THE TIME! This
benefits both those who have trouble referring AND those who often
find themselves with lots of people directly under them who never
refer anyeone. This is a great opportunity to be in on the ground
floor, the thing is launched within the last 2 days!

Note: this MLM opportunity is VERY cheap (so cheap that you are
pretty much
assured of making money if you join now, given how new it is!). If
You have
questions, feel free to email me at mfjoss at

For more information, check out my website at:

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