Need good clean RNA for testing of degradation.

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Wed Sep 22 14:08:48 EST 1999

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> I am in need of a nice clean sample of RNA to test for RNA degradation
> different solutions.  Does anyone have some recommendations as to
which company
> could provide a good sample.

Hey Bill,

The problem with using size markers is that (at least our millenium
markers) are all from lambda and as such represent a pretty artificial
substrate for RNA intactness. That said, we use a high specific activity
in vitro transcript as substrate in our RNase assays. We can detect
pg/ml levels of RNase activity. I can give you taht template and a
protocol for measuring nuclease contamination

If you are looking for a total RNA sample, I guarantee ours are squeaky
clean - they have to survive a several day incubation at 37 degrees
without degradation as part of our QC protocol. I can send you some
mouse total RNA if it winds your watch. I can also suggest a gene or two
you might probe on a Northern as a stringent (extremely stringent) test
for intact RNA.

So, are you part of the team working on DNA/RNA protect?


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