Protein precipitation

Dr Dave Parcej parcej at
Thu Sep 23 11:31:20 EST 1999

I agree with Frank. We have used the wessel & flugge method for years with
excellent results with samples of only 1microgram/ml or so. It is one of
the few methods that work for proteins in detergent solution. We often use
a modified version which works just as well:
Sample in 0.6ml
Add 0.45ml MeOH and 0.15ml CHcl3
Vortex briefly and spin 1min
take of the upper phase and add 0.45ml meoh
mix and spin 2min
protein is in the pellet


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nmckenna at (Neil McKenna) wrote:

> Hello netters,
> I was wondering if anyone knew of any way of precipitating proteins that
> isn't as "hit-and-miss" as 5 volumes of EtOH, or 10% TCA? Or do those
> techniques work well enough? 
> Thanks
> Neil

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