What digital camara is good for gel pictures?

Peter pxpst2 at vms.cis.pitt.edu
Fri Sep 24 14:17:06 EST 1999

In article <7sge47$17g6a$1 at rook.le.ac.uk>, "Lab 356" <se15 at le.ac.uk> wrote:

> Our system is linked to a Pentium III 450.. So It's our camera/software
> thats slow not the computer
> From going >> File Aquire>> DC120 camera
> it takes:
> 9 seconds "looking for DC120"
> 5 seconds "initialising camera"
> X seconds while the user selects the exposure time etc.
> 37 seconds to "set up camera, capture image, transfer image and process
> image"
> (N.B this is with image compression.. if you want publication quality (image
> compression off)
> it takes 1 minute 55 seconds instead of 37 seconds.
> It may not sound very long but  you have to go through all this again if the
> gel isn't straight or the exposure time needs to be adjusted.

No it definitely sounds long.
 for us:
9 seconds to find camerra
1 second to turn on
X seconds to select exposure, though if not on microscope, then it is automatic.
<10 seconds to capture and download-interface is fast SCSI(20 MBits/sec).

For us, compression is always off.  Do not forget that the DC120 is
designed as a consumer product rather than a professional product.  For
just gel documentation, we use a digital capture on the Alpha Innatech
system.  Has filters so that we can do EtBr gels.  It works out to about
10 cents per image to print out.


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