Binding Sodium

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:> I am looking for something to add to a solution that will bind and chelate
:> away sodium.  Does anyone know of any resin or compound that can do this.
:> Something like EGTA does for calcium

This is a common confusion. EGTA binds _every_ di- and tri-valent metal.
It is only Mg2+ that it does not bind well. 

:With a monovalent cation, this is not possible.
:Dialysis is the only way I know to remove sodium

It _is_ possible. Kind of. It's been quite a while but I think I remember 
reading some stuff on esoteric crown ethers that were
engineered in such way as to make them selective chelators of 
monovalent ions. AFAIR, one of them, having Kd for Rb 10^6 over
one for Na, K, has been suggested to be used in radioscintigraphy. 

        - Dima

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