immunization w/ 6xHis-tagged protein

Xon duchaint at
Sat Sep 25 09:53:33 EST 1999

	Hello Takahiro,
	It is my opinion that you should remove the imidazole from the sample
before injection  for three reasons. First, you certainly do not want the
rabbit to die before it provides you the antiserae and therefore, you
should put all the chances on your side. Second, even if the rabbit do not
die, I think it is a more proper way to treat the animal... 
	Third, you can remove it easily! You could get rid of imidazole  by
performing dialysis or centricon. Moreover, did you try to elute your
protein by reducing the pH instead? Reajusting the pH of your sample is
even faster. Perhaps this approach  is more adapted to your use of the


Takahiro Ito <ff87105 at> a écrit dans l'article
<199909250648.PAA25722 at>...
>  Dear all,
> I am going to immunize a rabbit with hexa-His-tagged recombinant protein
> eluted with imidazole (150mM).
> Some said that imidazole is toxic to animals, so it should be removed
> the fractions before injection. Could anyone tell me whether I should
> imidazole or not? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.

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