Cys-Met free media?

Sumio Matzno smatzno at IECR02.IECR.MUKOGAWA-U.AC.JP
Mon Sep 27 20:03:14 EST 1999


At 13:38 27/9/99 +0100, A.F. Simpson wrote:
>SIGMA sell met- cys- DMEM in both powdered (catalogue number D 3916) 
>and liquid form (D 0422).  They also sell MEM and RPMI-1640 met- cys- 
>as powder or liquid.

The catalog show that these media is without methionine and "cystine"
not "cysteine".  Can I understand this describing of "cystine" as both
Cys-Cys and Cys-SH ?

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