Ethidium Bromide -Vapors!!!

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Tue Sep 28 08:36:47 EST 1999

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09/28/99 09:29 AM

>> Incidentally, the technical officer in question is now heavily pregnant,
>> and I will be happy to provide a list of birth defects to methods-reagents
>> after the delivery.

I find your statement here to be both callous and potentially misleading.  Would
you please clarify what you mean by this?  Was this an "off the cuff" remark
meant to be a joke?  Your serious opinion as to the results of the technicians
actions in the lab?  Or is there actually prenatal evidence that this technician
will give birth to a child with birth defects?  And of course I wouldn't believe
you if you said that it was "known" that ethidium bromide was the cause.  It's
not really my intention to be terse, and I certainly don't want to suggest that
"universal precaution" isn't the best way to approach potentially dangerous lab
chemicals.  However, this could be a serious issue for many women who work in
the laboratory and unqualified statements such as this could be misleading to
someone who was genuinely trying to research the issue.

Bill Nussbaumer

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