Ethidium Bromide -Vapors!!!

Brendan Scott s3148487 at STUDENT.ANU.EDU.AU
Tue Sep 28 20:20:14 EST 1999

>I think the poster was joking and even with my often crude sense of humor,
>I found the comment/joke to be pretty strange.  It should have been posted
>to alt.tastless.humor.

Indeed, I was joking, albeit in a fairly dry way, and in the cold light of
day, it was very tactless of me.  I sincerely apologise to anyone who took
offence, none was intended.  Some people have very genuine sensitivities
about these issues, which I should have been mindful of.  I certainly would
not treat my co-workers as objects of scientific curiosity, as has been
suggested, and I can't stress strongly enough that NO-ONE whom I have ever
worked with or for would approve or encourage such an attitude.  Ethidium
Bromide is, as I understand it, highly carcinogenic.  I know of NO evidence
at all that it is teratogenic.  Where I work now, and have worked
previously, it has been regarded as a dangerous chemical and the
appropriate precautions are taken.  IMHO, however, I don't believe there is
any danger of it becoming vapourous at dangerous levels - if I had even the
remotest reason to believe there was, I certainly wouldn't allow myself or
my co-workers to risk exposure to it.  And even I wouldn't joke about it.

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