antigen retrieval mouse skin sections

Rose Richardson rrichar3 at
Thu Sep 30 08:46:56 EST 1999

I have found mouse tissue in general to be problematic when using antigen
retrieval methods.  Try using just distilled water and microwave with the
same protocol, this alone might retrieve enough for your work.  If the
material still detaches in distilled water, you should look at the paraffin
processing protocol and increase time in clearing (xylene) and the paraffin
infiltration times.
Good luck,
Rose Richardson

mvooys wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> When performing IHC on mouse skin tissue sections (formalin fixed),
> antigen
> retrieval (15 min 10 mM citrate buffer Ph6) the dermis disattaches from
> the
> glass slides ( silane coated). The epidermis is fine and we get a
> specific
> signal but clearly we need to improve conditions. Has anyone had similar
> problems and suggestions for improving this.
> regards,
> marc vooijs
> The Netherlands Cancer Institute
> Division of molecular Genetics
> mvooys at

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