why 16S rRNA?

Bill_A_Nussbaumer at ms.bd.com Bill_A_Nussbaumer at ms.bd.com
Thu Sep 30 09:30:13 EST 1999

Bill A Nussbaumer at BDX
09/30/99 10:22 AM

Hmmm .. trying to decide if were helping you out or just doing your homework for
you.  Do you have any ideas yet?  Perhaps we could help you to refine them.  I
think learning to use USENET is a valuable skill for obtaining information and
ideas but it certainly shouldn't be a substitute for learning to think about a

Question.  What do you know about 16S rRNA that might separate it from analyzing
other parts of the bacteria?



I am an undergraduate student studying biotechnology.I am wondering if
anybody could explain to me about the significance of analyzing the 16S
rRNA gene for bacteria. I haven't been able to find out yet.  thank you.


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