Primer Stability Survey.

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You can have a 3' mismatch with Taq but it isn't very happy.  A T at the 3' 
will have little effect.  
Kwok et al Nuc. Acids Res vol 18:999-1005 Talks extensively about this.  Also 
Huang.. Nuc. Acids res. vol.20:4567-4573.


CDC Atlanta.

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>> Dear friends,
>> I have a query for which I have received varied
>> answers and hence am
>> not able to conclude. I wanted to know that how many
>> base mismatch at 3'
>> end of a primer are allowed for the PCR to be
>> uneffected. I hope all
>> those who know it will be replying soon.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Raj
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>Are you using Taq or a proofreading polymerase? A
>proofreadng polymerase should "correct" the mismatch (which
>may or may not be what you want). With Taq, I was under the
>impression that it would not use a 3' end mismatch at all,
>but perhaps someone who has actually done it might wish to
>comment here.
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