Yellow MOPS - why?

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> "Dr. Duncan Clark" <Duncan at> wrote:
> >I am sure there have been publications from Millipore in various
> >papers (Nature Product Review possibly Genetic Engineering News etc.
> >etc.) that showed that Millipore water was RNase free (depending upon
> >which unit you were using of course).
> No doubt. But bacterial contamination could creep in somewhere on the
> downstream side. How often do you clean you di water carboys?
> John Thompson
> Merck Research Labs

That is exactly why I use "fresh" purified water for RNA.

Also, FWIW, one lab I know found RNase contamination in a bottle of
_DEPC_ water, probably from downstream bacterial contamination during
storage and re-use. They used to make up about 4l of DPEC-treated at a
time and use it for awhile.


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