Primer dimer mystery

Susanne Rohrer srohrer at
Mon Apr 3 10:48:50 EST 2000

Gregor Bucher wrote:

> I cut out the PCR band from the
> >first rxn and used it as a template with the Expand Pol from my DIG
> >labeling kit. I got a product AND the primer dimers were gone (mostly)!
> In genomic DNA you have many places where degenerate primer could prime....

> If you use a purified PCR-template every bit of DNA is
> template - this makes it dificult for the primers to misprime and do their
> primer dimer stuff.

Thanks, but I know all that. (It's kind of a theoretical question, since I
got what I wanted)

I thought the formation of primer dimers involves _just _ the primers -
that's why I couldn't come up with an explanation .

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