A special lot of DEPC

Jan-Henner Wurmbach wurmbach at uke.uni-hamburg.de
Tue Apr 4 05:27:04 EST 2000

Errol <E.S.Kwan at massey.ac.nz> schrieb im Beitrag
<38e917cf.1200213205 at news.massey.ac.nz>...
> I have a concern that people are smelling DEPC.  Is it common
> practices in your labs to smell toxic compounds?

No, not if I can stop them :-)

Thats part of the problem: If I open the bottle (under the hood), it
degases and I get the "fruity smell". Quite strong, you cant miss it. It
smells not bad, just strangely "fruity", and we never had that with our
earlier Lots of DEPC from the same firm.
They quickly sent a new one after complaint, stated that it should have
been stored at 4°C  and send the MSDS with it.
The problem is that the new batch (different Lot No.) shows the same
Degasing at opening, "fruity smell", forming bubbles at insetion of a pipet
tip, bubbleing after pipeting in Water.
Our old batches only gave "pearls" that sank to the bottom of the flask and
that had to be dispersed by shaking. The new batch forms very small
"pearls" that keep bubbling and disperse on their own.

Maybe the old batch was wrong and the new one is showing only signs of
activity, or USB has changed their packaging and all is well.

  Jan-Henner Wurmbach

I never had the feeling that DEPC is one of the greter hazards in a Lab.
Polyacrylamide, Ethidium bromide, PMSF or Phenole seemed to be far greater
threads to our health.

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