agarose gel extraction kit

Jose Ignacio de las Heras jose.delasheras at
Tue Apr 4 12:03:17 EST 2000

Bonehammer wrote:
> Try Agarase from Roche. It's not exactly cheap, and it does not
> tolerate the use of TBE, but I've never seen such a high yeld for gel
> extraction.

Ooooh, but it does! :)
I routinely use Roche's agarase, on agarose blocks made with TBE, no
problem. TAE is recommended, sure, but after repeated problems with our
TAE stock I tried TBE and it worked fine. Just add more enzyme than
usual. The instructions recommend doubling the amount of agarase if
using TBE.
An alternative is washing the agarose block in agarase buffer (I used
little 5ml vials, and made my own buffer as you use a lot more this
way). Let the agarose block stand in the buffer for 3-4 hours, renewing
the buffer, and it works fine without needing to increase the amount of
enzyme. It just takes a lot longer, so I simply use more agarase.


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