Triton X-114 phase partition

Bassie baslee at
Tue Apr 4 14:45:22 EST 2000

Malathi Hari wrote:

> I am trying to study the prenyl modification of a samll GTPase and need to do some phase partitioning type of experiments (aq. phase vs detergent phase).
> I bought TX-114 from Sigma, but ofcourse the clouding point of the stuff I
> bought is not even close to 30 C becasue it happily dissolves in water at 37 C.
> How do I make this work :)
> Thank You in advance
> Malathi

Hello Malathi,

In the past (about 5 yrs ago) we did some work with Triton X114 and it turned out to work best with salts like MgSO4 or NaSO4 in the water phase...

amounts: more than 5-10 g/l..

Hope this helps...

---=== Bassie ===---

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