gradient mini gels precast in plastic ??

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I used the gels from NOVEX (now Invitrogen) and have the best results ever.
Even if compared with precast glass gels.

>Sforvo wrote:
>> hi people,
>> We  noticed that some companies are providing gradient minigels precast
>> plastic (not glass, as we were used to) These gels are far less expensive
>> than the glass ones, and so we would resort to them unless for our
>> use (westerns ) some problems may have been experienced  by others.
>I used Sigma 7.5% SDS-PAGE gels precast in plastic recently and found
>them highly unsatisfactory.  Three out of the five gels had incompletely
>polymerizied wells, resulting in my being able to run fewer lanes than I
>had planned.  Taking the gels apart at the end of the run was tricky and
>a couple of times resulted in sharp-edged bits of plastic snapping off
>the cassettes.
>Bear in mind Christina's remarks about the gels smearing if used beyond
>the expiry date.  The Sigma gels I used were several weeks _within_ the
>use by date and they all smeared horribly.  This despite very thorough
>rinsing of the wells before use.  During the first run I thought my
>protein samples were to blame; in a second run hand cast gels run at the
>same time with the same samples did not smear at all whilst the Sigma
>gels were as bad as the first time.
>These were not gradient gels, but the problems I experienced were not
>really related to the actualy gel, rather to the format and perhaps to
>Sigma quality control.  I sha'n't be buying any more.
>> Marcello


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