Qiagen Maxiprep Problem

Dave Bates Dave.Bates at bris.ac.uk
Wed Apr 5 08:58:56 EST 2000

I have a slightly different problem. After nearly eight years of doing Qiagen
preps with absolutely no problem, about three months ago they stopped working.
All of a sudden we're getting no - or very little (<100ug) back. Qiagen haven't
been able to do anything other than send us a new kit - which worked for the
first two, and then the rest haven't worked again. We've done the diagnositics
and can't find the DNA anywhere-not in the washes, the isoprop, or anything.
Everything looks OK. These are kits in the UK.

Has anyone else had these sort of problems here in Britian? I'm beginning to
develop conspiracy theories

Dave Bates

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