Midiprep kit with microfuge only? Promega MagneSil?

John Dixon jpcd100 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Wed Apr 5 09:17:55 EST 2000

Hi, can anyone help me find a transfection quality midiprep (50-100ug
DNA needed) kit that either doesn't need a final ethanol precipitation
step, or has a DNA precipitation step in a small enough volume for
spinning in a microfuge - in a single eppy preferably (we are fed up
with splitting our DNA preps into eppys, as we don't have access to
high speed large volume fuges. We do have a bench top fuge to spin the
crud out at 4000rpm in 50ml falcons prior to precipitation so a prep
requiring low speeds would also suffice).

The promega Wizard PureFection plasmid prep kit which binds the plasmid
DNA with paramagnetic beads looks like it could be tweaked to give a
small enough volume for single eppy precipitation, although it needs a
lot of hands-on washes. Has anyone had experience with this or any
other suitable kits/protocols?

Any advice appreciated (suppliers or affils, please feel free to e-mail
me direct if you have what I need, to avoid irritating the newsgroup
with adverts!)


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Wellcome/CRC Institute        Fax 44 (1223) 334089
Cambridge University
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