Qiagen Maxiprep Problem

Steve Cohen sbcohen at scripps.edu
Wed Apr 5 09:46:48 EST 2000

There is a problem with the Qiagen Maxi/midi, in that if over loaded, the
yield drops to zero. You would think that the solid matrix would just
become saturated with DNA, but this is not the case. 

This was a big topic here about a year ago, debate went on for months.


At 01:58 PM 4/5/00 GMT, Dave Bates wrote:
>I have a slightly different problem. After nearly eight years of doing Qiagen
>preps with absolutely no problem, about three months ago they stopped
>All of a sudden we're getting no - or very little (<100ug) back. Qiagen
>been able to do anything other than send us a new kit - which worked for the
>first two, and then the rest haven't worked again. We've done the
>and can't find the DNA anywhere-not in the washes, the isoprop, or anything.
>Everything looks OK. These are kits in the UK.
>Has anyone else had these sort of problems here in Britian? I'm beginning to
>develop conspiracy theories
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