Dr Poirié Marylène poirie at univ-tours.fr
Wed Apr 5 12:33:06 EST 2000


We plan to make Drosophila transformation experiments with cDNA clones and
genomic clones (around 12 kb). Since we have no experience with the
transformation techniques, I would like to get some advices about :

- the available transformation vectors ( P elements with either the white
gene either GFP as markers, and an ubiquitous promoter) and where they can
be obtained.
- Do you think we can use the same vector for both experiments (cDNA and
genomic transformation) ?
- Do you think that polyadenylation signals are necessary for transformation
with cDNA and which one would be appropriate ?

Any suggestion would be welcome about the choice of a vector and an
experimental procedure.

Thanks a lot

Dr M. Poirié
Université F. Rabelais
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