Vacuum Blotter - RNA transfer

Vellanoweth's Lab jwheele at
Wed Apr 5 22:54:16 EST 2000

We've recently discarded the vacuum blotter for northern transfer.  We are now
back to the tried and true papertowel method for blotting which works
beautifully and is actually much easier, if a little longer in time.  We found
over half our sample was still in the gel with the vacuum blotter and we had
bad hybridisation success, now we are hybridising fine, with all the sample

Janel Wheeler
Vellanoweth Laboratory
Cal State Univ., Los Angeles
jwheele at

Susanne Rohrer wrote:

> >
> > Even after 2 hrs of transfer at 55mbar, my RNA (Wheat RNA) was still in
> > the gel.
> We see the same when using bacterial total RNA . There are lots left in the
> gel, but what is transferred is still enough for detection - have you tried
> hybridization and detection on it?
> Susanne

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