X-gal stain problems

Chen Linan chenln at sina.com
Thu Apr 6 21:43:59 EST 2000


The cells you use may have low expression level of Beta-galactosidase. In
fact, many cells really have. Long incubation with x-gal(as long as 3-4
days) are certain for the background stain. I usually set a untransfected
control with transfected groups. In first 24 hours, there is no any staining
in control, while stains develope very well in transfected groups. Three
days later, control appears light blue and sparse(background stain). So, I
think it is the problem you may meet. I use COS-7.

Do you stain for a relatively long time or high concerntration?

Chen Linan

Dept. of Anatomy
Beijing Medical University


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