Anti-fluorescein antibodies

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> Hello Molecular Biologists:
> I'm interested in localizing fluorescein-tagged
> gene probes for blotting and microscopy
> (in situ hybridization, light and EM)
> applications. Does
> anyone have any recommendations for the best
> (strongest labeling)
> anti-fluorescein antibody, or any experience
> comparing different clones,
> polyclonal vs. monoclonal, or different suppliers?

We use the Gene Images(TM) random prime labeling module (Amersham
Pharmacia) for non radioactive labeling. The anti-Fluorecein AB that came
with the Kit seems to work good when new, but to weaken quickly.
And as far as I know Amersham Pharmacia does not sell this shelf life
limiting component separately.
A similar system for ISH is in use in the lab next door and they had mixed
experiences with it. I cant say if their probes of labeling was crap of if
the kit has problems. 

I hope this bit of experience helped you

  Jan-Henner Wurmbach

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